Private consultations are available with our Mentor Doulas on an hourly basis.  Minimum of ½ hour up to 2 hours at a time to talk about any birth-related topic you want to discuss!

Please complete the Contact Form and your chosen Mentor Doula will email or text you with available times that week and a paypal link, the preferred payment method.

Terri Woods, CLD$30/hr. / website

Personalized matching to your Doula:  (Estimated Time Frame: 1 hour)

As a CAPPA Doula Trainer who has trained and/or interviewed all of the listed doulas, I can help recommend the two or three doulas you may choose to interview first. I have successfully done this open-minded listening and personalized matching for the SLO Doula Connection over the past four years.  If there is not a match made after the first call, you may call back for a free second hour.

Birth Options Counseling  (Estimated Time Frame: 1 ½  hours)

  Your doula will be able to help you with your birth plan, but if you want to process your options with an experienced childbirth educator/doula beforehand, or to help determine if you even want or need a doula, then take the opportunity to explore your thoughts and ideas before you commit.

  I am an instructor for Evidence Based Birth® and have extensive experience as a Childbirth Educator, Midwife Assistant, and as Doula Trainer and Doula, with over 300 births attended in hospitals, birth centers, and home settings in the USA and overseas (as a midwifery student under supervision in resource poor areas).

Please note that we cannot give medical advice or opinions!  We can help you ask good questions of your medical care providers, tailored to your own unique circumstances.

Doula Tips for Your Friends and Family: (Estimated Time Frame:  ½ hour)

 Need to talk about who you want to support  you on your birth team?  Let’s talk about your circumstances, and I will email you some good resources for family or friends.

Mentoring for Doulas:   Contact me via the contact form and I will estimate how long it will take to process with you confidentially.  For SLO Doula Connection Members, please log in for details.

Doula Support or Childbirth Education:  Please see my website for other services, including Evidence Based Birth® classes or seminars!




Jennifer Kinnear, CD(DONA) $30/hr. / website

Personalized matching to your Birth Providers (Estimated Time Frame: ½ hour )

As a doula who has supported numerous women in VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and had my own VBAC birth, I am well-acquainted with the powerful role birth providers play and the importance of finding a good match for your desires for your own birth.  In addition, I have become well-acquainted with the variety of birth providers in the SLO County area in my work as a doula and Bradley Childbirth Educator over the last 5 years and am happy to help you think through your options not only for your birth place and caregiver but also for your own childbirth education.

In addition, as a visual artist, I value the role of creative processing in all of life but especially during pregnancy and postpartum.  I personally benefitted from writing, collaging, painting, and sculpture during my own pregnancies and postpartum period and am happy to help you get started in creative processing opportunities.