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My love for birth was conceived while I was still in high school and my close friend and her husband invited me to attend their homebirth. My teenage brain was blown away by the raw beauty of the supernatural, yet strangely normal, process I was witnessing. Instinctively, I knew I wanted to be somehow involved in the miracle of birth.

This event led to the beginning of my education as a birth doula in 2014. In the two and a half years of my training, I had the pleasure of working with ten expectant couples, birthing both at home and in the hospital. The variety of settings, hospitals, types of labors and deliveries, and caregivers I worked with provided me valuable education with each birth.

In 2017 I was certified as a birth doula through DONA (Doulas of North America), and also began volunteering at a local free-standing birth center. Assisting a licensed midwife has opened a new realm of involvement in perinatal care that has bolstered my confidence and knowledge of this miraculous process.

As a birth doula, I endeavor to provide calm, confident, and quality care tailored to the needs and desires of each family. I believe that the birthing experience can be dramatically affected by prenatal education and the comforting presence of a doula during labor, delivery and postpartum. Statistics would agree with me!

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