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Phone: 805.776.3302

Marianne is a DONA-trained birth doula. She grew up in Los Osos, which fueled her passion of the natural world. She went on to attend UC Santa Cruz where she majored in Environmental Studies with a focus on sustainable agriculture. In 2017, after the birth of her son, she decided to pursue a career in nursing with hopes of becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife.  

Her background in organic farming, along with her nursing studies, shapes her philosophy as a doula. She believes that natural birth is meant to work, but recognizes the medical system can be an invaluable safety net. She supports the birthing person’s choice to receive an epidural, birth without any medications or to have a planned C-section. She believes with a strong support system, all women can have an empowering birth experience.

As a doula, Marianne provides her clients with information and resources so they are able to confidently make decisions regarding their birth experience. She believes in preparing the husband or partner for birth, so that they feel able to support the mother during the birthing process. During labor she helps calm the mother by working with her partner to provide unconditional emotional and physical support. Marianne hopes to help you have an inspiring birth whether you choose to have birth at home, a birth center or the hospital.

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