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Molly Clark grew up in the rural town of Creston just East of San Luis Obispo, and moved to Los Osos to begin her education towards nursing at Cuesta College. Since then, she has become a Trained Labor Doula through CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association), a Trained Birth Assistant for local midwifes, and has attended Childbirth Education classes at surrounding hospitals. Throughout her life, Molly has always enjoyed supporting people on a personal level. In high school, she took a class on Peer Mentoring where she spent many hours helping her peers through the difficulties of adolescence. Continuing into college, she pursued doula work which allowed her to be that support person, while still gaining medical training she can put to use later in her nursing career. As a doula, she is able to give advice and encouragement from a non biased, objective perspective. She uses her education, experience, and communication skills to give emotional, physical, and informational support for women and their partners during pregnancy, birth, and with the newborn. This eases their nerves, provides information to help make informed decisions and questions, as well as gives the mother’s partner confidence in how to best comfort her.

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