Moriah is a certified Birth & Postpartum Doula, a Massage Practitioner, and also certified in Adult/Child/Infant CPR.

She is passionate about birth and helping you create your own birth experience, be it a natural birth, a birth with an epidural, or birth via C-section. She has your best interests at heart and helps you take control of your own birthing experience by offering you emotional, physical, and educational support bot during your pregnancy and during your labor.

Moriah is a mother and grandmother, into health and nutrition, loves cats, is an avid crocheter and a lover of books. She has been in awe of birth since the very different births of her own two children in her early 20’s, and she sees birth as a fascinating miracle of Life and feels truly blessed to be part of such a private celebration.

When she retired from working in the Health and Nutrition field after 35 years, she felt like she still wanted to do something meaningful for her community and becoming a Birth Doula has given her the opportunity to do just that and to help empower families one birth at a time.

Please feel fee to contact her and arrange a time for a complimentary interview.

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