Terri A. Woods, CLD                                              

CAPPA Certified Labor Doula & Faculty Instructor

Evidence Based Birth® Instructor

Founder & Doula Mentor - SLO Doula Connection

Email:  blessedchildbirth@gmail.com              

 Phone:  805 610 8260 (6am-6pm Mon-Sat)   

Website:  www. blessedchildbirth.com       

 Facebook:  www.facebook.com/BlessedDoula

Terri Allen Woods is a certified labor and birth doula, and a trained postpartum doula and childbirth & lactation educator. Experienced and encouraging, she brings a wealth of international birth experience to her clients and to her CAPPA-approved Labor Doula Training Workshops. She has been a doula and midwife assistant since 2004 when she made her first trip to the Philippines to the Mercy In Action birth centers. These journeys inspired her to create Blessed ChildBirth & Doula Services in 2009, and to finish dual certifications as a birth and labor doula with DONA and CAPPA, going on in 2012 to also become a faculty labor doula trainer for CAPPA.   In 2016, she became an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, offering valuable workshops for parents and continuing education seminars for midwives, doctors, nurses, doulas and other birthworkers.  She has trained and spoken at national birth conferences in the USA, New Zealand, and the Philippines.  She is kind and has a passion for listening and for sharing her knowledge.

On Mother’s Day 2013, Terri created the SLO Doula Connection on the Central Coast of California to serve clients at all income levels through referring and mentoring newer doulas, while continuing her heart work with her own clients and as a contributor to the birth community. In 2017,  Terri has partnered with Jennifer Kinnear to change the SLO Doula Connection to a listing and consulting service, consistent with her continued vision for the meaning of “doula” – women serving women, worldwide– in order reduce disparity in maternal and infant care and to improve birth outcomes for women, newborns, and their families.

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