Serving Women & Families of San Luis Obispo County,  Northern Santa Barbara County & Southern Monterey County



Serving Women & Families of San Luis Obispo County,  Northern Santa Barbara County & Southern Monterey County

Our Mission is to provide you with a listing of our well-trained Doulas Members, who have agreed to a consistent Code of Conduct and Scope of Practice.   These Doulas work for you on your support team and act collaboratively with your chosen medical care providers. Doulas are available at all levels of experience for birthing women on the Central Coast area of California, with their corresponding fee range*.  

Our Approach is to be a centralized source to connect all local women with our membership of trained Birth & Postpartum Doulas:

From King City, San Miguel, Paso Robles, Creston, Atascadero, and Santa Margarita in the North; Cambria, Cayucos, Morro Bay, Los Osos, Avila Beach, Pismo Beach, and Grover Beach on the Coast; and San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, Nipomo, Santa Maria and Solvang in the South portions of California’s Central Coast.

Our Goal is to provide a link to Doulas trained to deliver caring, compassionate and culturally relevant services to women and their families throughout the pregnancy, labor and birth, postpartum, and newborn stages of life.

Our Doula Role is to provide non-judgmental education, evidence-based information and studies, alternative comfort measures, skillful physical support, and the emotionally calm support most women need during the pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and newborn stages of the birth year.  Our Scope of Practice prohibits performing clinical tasks or any medical action or recommendation. Doulas help you communicate your own choices to your selected health care provider and medical staff and may facilitate self-advocacy and informed, conscious consent if needed.  We work for you and with your chosen birth team collaboratively on your behalf and with respect, kindness, and confidentiality.

Our Benefits Numerous studies reveal that the continuous presence of a Birth Doula may provide many positive benefits:

  • Women are more likely to give birth ’spontaneously’, i.e. give birth with neither caesarean nor vacuum nor forceps.

  • Women were less likely to use pain medications, were more likely to be satisfied, and had slightly shorter labors. 

  • Their babies were less likely to have low five-minute Apgar scores. 

  • No adverse effects were identified. 

  • We conclude that all women should have continuous support during labor. Continuous support from a person who is present solely to provide support, is not a member of the woman’s social network, is experienced in providing (non-judgmental) labor support, and has at least a modest amount of training, appears to be most beneficial.

The services of a Postpartum Doula may also provide many benefits. Studies show that women who have a postpartum doula are less likely to suffer from postpartum depression, are more likely to successfully breastfeed, and have an easier overall transition to motherhood. Having a postpartum doula also benefits the other family members, as they will also receive education and support in the early postpartum period.

Our Doulas are trained by CAPPA or DONA, with some additionally trained by Birthing from Within or other reputable national organizations. Some are just starting out; many have reached completion of their Certification; a few are Certified and very experienced.  All are committed to continuing education in order to provide their clients with the best possible information, physical comfort, and emotional support.  We certify that all doulas have had at least minimal training from a reputable organization, but it is your responsibility to interview and accept the Doula and her services, and to sign a contract with the Doula. You may find some good questions to ask courtesy of The Childbirth Connection.

*Some price negotiation may be possible in cases of financial hardship, but is not guaranteed and is up to the individual Member Doula. Each doula is responsible for her own doula business aside from her membership in the SLO Doula Connection listing service.  All Doulas have signed a Code of Conduct and Professional Scope of Practice on file with the SLO Doula Connection.