Terri A. Woods, CLD                                              
CAPPA Certified Labor Doula & Faculty Instructor
Evidence Based Birth® Instructor
Founder & Doula Mentor - SLO Doula Connection

Terri launched the SLO Doula Connection on Mother’s Day 2013 with a passion for connecting expectant mothers with well-trained doulas. Terri loved to listen to mothers process their desires for birth and to offer practical suggestions and referrals tailored to each mother’s needs. She also trained new doulas and mentored them as they grew in the birth profession and helped them consistently work toward making birth better.

Terri began her birth profession as a student midwife with Mercy in Action in the Philippines. Terri trained extensively on the Central Coast of California, all over the Western United States, as well as in New Zealand.  She became a CAPPA & DONA Certified Labor Doula, a Labor Doula Trainer for CAPPA, and later trained as a Childbirth Educator (ICEA & CAPPA), Postpartum Doula (CAPPA) & Lactation Educator (CAPPA). Her final education was becoming an Evidence Based Birth (R) Instructor, and she was passionate about families being educated in evidence based birth choices.  

In December 2017, Terri turned over the management of the SLO Doula Connection to Jennifer Kinnear and mentored her in its leadership until her death in October 2018. It is with her original vision that we continue the SLO Doula Connection community and with her passion for making birth a great experience for mothers and families.