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In 2017 I welcomed my own baby girl into the world with the help of a doula, and would not of had the same experience without her.  Realizing that supporting families in such a beautiful capacity was an actual profession, I knew this was my calling.

Teaching yoga for the past 5 years, I’m already familiar with guiding people to calm their breath, to listen to their body, and most importantly to smile through the uncomfortable.  To be able to take these skills and be there for families in one of the most intimate, beautiful events of their lives, is humbling. Giving birth is not just about having a baby, but becoming a mother, and is this not one of the best reasons ever to smile, even through the uncomfortable.

My role as your doula would be to help educate, support, and honor your birth choices, without judgement. As well as encourage partners to be fully present and confident with their role as your support person.

I did my training through CAPPA International (Childbirth and PostPartum Professional Association) and am currently working towards certification.

In my freetime I enjoy hikes with my family, laughing with my partner Troy, taking our dog Chomper to the beach, and exploring this world in a whole new way as I see it through my daughter’s eyes.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Please reach out to me, I would love to schedule a free consultation; chat about birth and babies and family and motherhood, and see if we connect.

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